Gabe Paoli is a British/Italian ambitious Senior Producer with over ten years experience producing strategy-led and audience-focused content that delivers above and beyond client brief.

Over the last decade he has amassed a wealth of experience in pitch proposal, content development, data analytics, brand strategy, people leadership, directing talent, stakeholder management, branding and budgeting. 
He always puts creativity at the heart of what his team and he does and knows that delivering stand out work is crucial to any brands goals. 

He’s very hands-on

He enjoys producing every asset globally, both agency and client side, and shepherding them through both editorially and commercially from initial brief to final delivery. 
He’s confident managing high worth budgets of over £2.5M
His driving obsession for his work has given him exceptional story telling abilities and technical know-how. 

Fun Facts

  • He’d kill for a chocolate bar, even Sainsbury’s basics
  • He’s a travel addict, but he doesn’t send postcards
  • He makes up plans so he can stay home and binge-watch Netflix
  • He always cries when he watches The Notebook
  • He electrocuted himself while making a Nutella toastie
  • His first internship was in a Steven Spielberg’s film 
  • He volunteers as a Theatre Club Teacher/Director at Virginia Primary School in Central London