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Chekhovmania. If you are afraid of loneliness, do not marry.

THEATRE. Coming soon to London’s Theatres.   Chekhovmania.  script and direction by Gabriele Paoli   THE PLAY What happens when a person needs to live his present again in order to make sense of his past? The ghost of Olga Leonardova Knipper, wife of Anton Chekhov, comes back to life. She becomes a cynical, romantic […]


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Fun facts about me

– I’d kill for a chocolate bar, even Sainsbury’s basics
– I’m a travel addict, but I don’t send postcards
– I make up plans so I can stay home and binge-watch Netflix
– I always cry when I watch The Notebook
– I electrocuted myself while making a Nutella toastie
– My first internship was in a Steven Spielberg’s film