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Behind the scenes music video ‘Don’t wait another day’

This is a Behind the Scenes from the music video’s set ‘Don’t wait another day‘ by Efer Dee. Great experience in a great location. I got inspired by Bertolucci’s movie ‘The Dreamers‘ which I like so much. Thanks to Jack Mcloughlin for this amazing pearl. Check it out guys. Behind the Scenes music video ‘Efer […]


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Fun facts about me

– I’d kill for a chocolate bar, even Sainsbury’s basics
– I’m a travel addict, but I don’t send postcards
– I make up plans so I can stay home and binge-watch Netflix
– I always cry when I watch The Notebook
– I electrocuted myself while making a Nutella toastie
– My first internship was in a Steven Spielberg’s film