Below some important information pertaining your photography session.
Don´t worry if you don´t know how to stand in front of the camera. I will give you tips of how to pose, or what to do if you feel unsure.
If you are a headshot, portrait or modelling photography client I will consider your age range, roles you are being submitted for or want to be submitted for and your need for commercial and/or theatrical headshots and portfolios. If you are represented, I will discuss what your agent prefers and feels you need.
How do you prepare for your photo session? Let’s start.


In the days preceding your shoot, eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Get plenty of sleep so you will be well rested and have a healthy glow.

Some tips:
ALCOHOL should be avoided for at least 48 hours before the shoot. Alcohol makes your face and eyes look puffy.
NAILS should be manicured short and rounded with neutral nail polish fingers. Men-natural, trim your nails and toenails. Women-pale French manicure with no chips in polish. No acrylics unless you have damaged nails, then have them done with fabric wrap.
NO TAN! You must avoid the sun, especially on the face. No spray or fake tan please.


My Studio is based in East London but I love to photograph people outdoors – and living in London, there is no limit to the number of locations you can have your photo session at.

Shooting outdoors has the advantage of making photos look more natural than their studio counterparts. This is largely because a studio backdrop is a contrived space, so no matter how natural your expression might be, the viewer is instantly aware you have deliberately posed for a camera. No worries, I know how to put you at your ease to achieve a great result no matter what the space is.


I will send you extensive preparation info when you book that will help you get an idea of things that work and don’t work on camera. If you want further guidance we’ll set up a time to talk on the phone or over Skype and go over your looks, wardrobe, and any questions you still have. I also highly encourage you to go over all of your looks and wardrobe options with your representation.

Some tips:
– Solid colours often are best. Avoid overly bright tones, rich reds, and graphic tees with large logos (excessive prints and patterns often do not work).
– Bring varying necklines; collars, v-neck, crew necks, tank tops, etc. and various sleeve lengths to add variety to your looks.
– Consider your skin tone when selecting the colours of your garments. Some people tend to look good in pastels, while others in muted neutrals, etc. Most people want to enhance and bring focus to their eyes. Blue eyes may be enhanced by a green, brown, or grey shirt, while green eyes may with earthy tones or muted blues and grays. Brown and hazel eyes tend to have a wider range of colours that enhance them.
– Please bring extra clothing items which can be layered such as sweatshirts, jackets, scarves.
– Bring only a few basic pants/skirts such as denim, khaki, and dress pants.
– Shoes do not matter.
– Make sure that you have both casual and dressy items.
– It is important that your clothes are wrinkle-free and without stains.
– Keep accessories like jewellery, watches, wristbands, hair ornaments, etc. to a minimum.
– Please bring plenty of clothing so that we have enough to choose from.


Whether you are a male or female, makeup and hair styling is extremely important for photography. Makeup for photography is much different than everyday makeup due to many factors, such as lighting.

Some tips:
MAKE UP: Arrive with clean skin lightly moisturised. If you wear makeup you should remove it the night before and follow your normal cleansing routine. We strongly suggest you do not experiment with new skincare products or facials close to the day of your shoot. Consult with your Esthetician if you plan to get a facial or want to treat your skin with any particular product or procedure.
HAIR: Arrive with clean and styled hair as you would for an audition so that your hair can be made ready for the camera with style changes and touchups, such as curling, flat-ironing, or pulling back, for each of your given looks. If you color or highlight your hair, have it done a week before the shoot; have your hair trimmed so it will be at its healthiest level.
FACIAL HAIR: Men-no facial hair or long sideburns for Commercial Print. Moustaches, beards and goatees need to be clipped and in control. Hygiene-freshly showered. Men and Women must be completely clean-shaven in respective areas. Superfluous hairs removed from legs, underarms and bikini area if wearing a bathing suit. Hair, if dark on arms or face, should be bleached or waxed a week before.


I ask that you arrive on time and not before your scheduled appointment. Make sure to be well fed and feel free to bring snacks!


I offer in-house retouching for your choice images. Retouching ensures that any non-permanent, distracting elements are removed from your image (blemishes, uneven skin, stray hair, flyaways etc.). Your images are also sharpened and further polished to look their absolute best on any platform.



One of my trusted professional Fashion Stylist can be booked for £70. She will choose and source the clothing, the accessories, and/or the general “look” for the shoot considering your needs.
Highly recommended for Portrait, Advertising, Editorial and Fashion Photography.


Headshots require very naturalistic hair and makeup and most people manage fine by themselves, but it can be helpful for varying looks.
One of my trusted professional Hair/Makeup contacts can be booked for £50. She has many years of experience and knows much about the effects of lighting, natural or studio, on the skin and the pigments used in most cosmetics.
Do not be surprised if hair and make-up are done in a way you may not usually wear them. The stylists are industry pros and they know their trade.
Highly recommended for Portrait, Advertising, Editorial and Fashion Photography.


Extra photos re-touched, colour corrected, in hi-resolution and both in B/W and Colour £8 each.


There is a £50 deposit that is required to book your session. Your deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred if something comes up and you must reschedule. Notice of rescheduling must be made at least 72 hours before your session for your deposit to be transferable. If you do not show, or cancel within 72 hours, your deposit is forfeited.
The remaining balance is due at the time of your photography session.
I can’t take checks or instalment plans. As much as I like you, cash and bank transfers are the only acceptable payment options at this time.
If you are thinking of using cash, a lot of ATM’s have a limit so please check before the day.
Student rates on showing a valid NUS card or institutional card for a full-time Drama UK institution or University course. Agent referral rates for agents wit whom I have an agreed relationship.


A parent or responsible adult MUST be present throughout any session with actors/models/dancers under 16 years.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any more help.